Mini Internship Program


The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society conducts its annual Mini-Internship Program in October to improve communication between the medical profession and those in the community who influence, establish, and report on healthcare policy in the Tennessee Valley. By spending concentrated time with physicians, the interns witnessed firsthand the demands and rewards of the medical profession. Physicians, in turn, learn how these influential community leaders view the practice of medicine.

Stressing the human concerns of medicine, each intern is paired with physicians to witness patient care in a variety of specialties.

The program helps community leaders in business and politics get a sense of what medicine is in the trenches. Most participants are surprised at the level of energy physicians put forth as part of the daily practice of medicine, as well as the strong emotional connection between physicians and patients. Many people understand the technology aspects of medicine, but internship participants say that seeing the human side of physicians touched them most deeply.

Most participants in the program commented on the caring nature of the physicians, in addition to the eye-opening procedures some of the physicians performed.

Community leaders interested in experiencing the rewards and trials of practicing medicine are encouraged to apply for the 2015 Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society Mini-Internship Program Oct. 13-15. To apply for this program, ongoing since the 1990s, contact Kevin Lusk at the Medical Society at 423-622-2872 or

 Interns accompany a doctor on his/her rounds, office care, surgery, emergency care, and anything else in the daily routine of the doctor. Nothing will be set up and the intern will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss concerns throughout the mini-internship. At the end of the internship, participants will be invited to discuss the experience and share perspectives on the healthcare industry.