Why You Should be Part of Organized Medicine ... Or What We've Done for You Lately
  1. Advocacy - Our advocacy efforts pay dividends daily to all physicians. Unfortunately the issues that require advocacy increase every year and we need the support of all physicians to maintain our high success rate.

  2. Liability Protection for Volunteer Physicians - The Governor recently signed the Medical Society's legislation that enables physicians who provide charity health care through organized programs, such as Project Access, to have liability protection, except in cases of gross negligence. For more information, call Tonya Williams or Rae Bond at 423-622-2872.

  3. Stopped cuts in Medicare Reimbursement Rates Averaging $35,000/physician in 2007 - The average physician will receive $35,000 more in 2007 after organized medicine prevented planned Medicare reimbursement cuts. In some cases, there were increases. Since most commercial payers calculate their rates from the Medicare schedule, the effect multiplies for every physician. If rates were cut as planned, your group could have lost millions in revenue.

  4. Reversed a Medicare Reimbursement Rate CUT - Organized medicine reversed a CUT of 4.5% in Medicare Reimbursement Rates and is working toward a permanent solution.

  5. Medical Liability Reform - TMA, local medical societies, and our members are leading the charge to reform our medical liability system. We must continue the fight until we achieve the proper legislation. To win we must have the grassroots support of individual physicians and their groups. These large scale advocacy efforts require the attention and efforts of the entire profession.

  6. Single form credentialing - This legislation became law in 2005. We listened to members, saw the duplicity and waste in the old system and changed it. Now all doctors can use a single standard form to credential and re-credential physicians with the various insurance plans. Calculate the financial saving in staff time alone. Organized medicine in Tennessee also formed the Tennessee Physician Quality Verification Organization (TPQVO), cutting down on paperwork for you.

  7. Insurance reforms - Every medical practice is affected by the bureaucracy of insurance companies. Through organized medicine efforts, Cigna changed its practices resulting in as much as $750,000 in ‘found money' for some larger groups. Although physicians were owed the money, chances were good that most never would have received it without these efforts. The long-term impact on the way insurance companies do business will mean greater balance and fairness to doctors.

  8. Protecting your interests in the Legislature - Every year, bills are introduced in the state legislature that would encroach on the practice of medicine. One of the most important services organized medicine provides is seldom seen: tracking and stopping harmful legislation. Of almost 4,800 bills filed during the 2007 Tennessee General Assembly, TMA actively supported, opposed, or watched 534 bills.

  9. Referral Service for Physicians and Patients - Every day the Medical Society receives calls from doctors and patients looking for a physician. This is a service provided to Medical Society members only. Our Medical Society directory is used throughout the health care community as the primary referral source.

  10. Promoting Positive Images of Medicine - The Medical Society generates positive media coverage for the medical profession, working to increase the community's understanding of medicine through programs like the Mini-Internship Program and the Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine. This is important for legislative battles when we need the public's help.

  11. Member Services - The Medical Society provides services to support you and your practice, including temporary and permanent personnel services through Medical Personnel Services; conflict resolution and grievance processes; assistance on practice management issues; and personal development events like "Making the Most of your Medical Marriage" seminar and annual family baseball outing. See page two for a more complete list!

Ready to join? Complete the application or contact Kevin Lusk or Rae Bond at 622-2872 for more information.