Partners & Leadership


Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society
Medical Foundation of Chattanooga
CHI Memorial Health Care System 
Erlanger Health System 
Parkridge Health System 
Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation 
Kindred Hospital
Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department 
Chattanooga Primary CARE Health Center
CHI Memorial Health Centers
Erlanger’s Dodson Avenue and Southside Health Centers 
Homeless Health Care Clinic
LifeSpring Community Health
Mental Health Cooperative
Alliance Physical Therapy
Rehab South
Volunteers in Medicine
Regional Health Council 
Chattanooga Homeless Coalition 
Urban League of Greater Chattanooga
UT College of Medicine, Chatanooga


Walter Puckett, MD, Medical Director and Chair
Rae Bond, Medical Society and Medical Foundation, Executive Director
Robert Bowers, MD, Physician
Tammy Burke, Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department
Sherry Campbell, Welcome Home Chattanooga
Joseph Cofer, MD, Erlanger Health System

Ashley Evans, Volunteers in Medicine
Ione Farrar, Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department
Katherlyn Geter, Erlanger's Southside/Dodson Ave Health Centers
Karen Guinn, Homeless Health Center
Paul Hendricks, MD
Erricka Hill, CHI Memorial Community Clinics
Janis Johnson, Parkridge Medical Center
Charlie Jones, Rehab South
Oneka Lowe, Conifer Health
Robin Marsh, Parkridge Medical Center
Matt McAdoo, Chattanooga Primary Care Center
Gref Nieckula, MD, CHI Memorial Health Partners
James Paskert, MD, Parkridge Medical Center
Kerri Paty, CHI Memorial Community Health Centers
Michelle Pickett, MD,  LifeSpring Community Health
Phillip Pollock, MD, Diagnostic Pathology Services
George Ricks, Erlanger's Southside/Dodson Ave Health Centers
Howard Roddy, CHI Memorial Health Care System
Donna Sharp, Parkridge East
Cheryl Shrum, Parkridge Medical Center
Anita Sims, Erlanger Health System
Jay Sizemore, MD, Chattanooga Primary Care Center
Vickie Smith, CHI Memorial Community Clinics
Charles Sternbergh, MD
Sharon Stewart, Volunteers in Medicine
Vonda Ware, MD, Cherokee Health Systems
Tonya Williams, Project Access
Joseph Winick, Erlanger Health System
Karla Woodby, Siskin Rehabilitation
J. Mack Worthington, MD, UT College of Medicine