Why Physicians Should Participate in Project Access

Hamilton County Project Access is a broad community effort to provide access and coordinate needed healthcare services for those who are least able to obtain such services. Project Access has served as a model for similar program efforts in communities across the country.  Project Access brings together a network of healthcare providers committed to serving Hamilton County residents who are without coverage under private or government-sponsored health insurance plans, have an income at or below 150% of the federal poverty level, and have a medical need.  Project Access offers a full continuum of healthcare services without charge to those who qualify.

The physicians and hospitals of Hamilton County donated over $130 million dollars of care to our neighbors in need through the Hamilton County Project Access.  Thousands of Hamilton County residents without insurance now lead healthier and happier lives because of the caring medical professionals.  More help is still needed!  We need your participation to continue to provide care to those in need.


1. Project Access allows you and your group to efficiently manage and track the charity care that you have always provided.

2. Project Access allows you to define the amount of charity care that you are able and willing to provide.

3. Project Access creates a whole network of providers and healthcare services that are automatically available to you and your Project Access charity patients.

4. Project Access  screens potential charity care patients before they are referred to you, verifying that they meet financial, residential, and healthcare need criteria.

5. Project Access charity care patients are eligible for services for a specific period of time and only as long as the criteria are met.

6. Project Access tracks the dollar value of the charity care that you provide so that your efforts can be appropriately recognized by our community and used as a powerful tool to advance issues of importance to providers.

7. Project Access allows for an equitable distribution of services by physicians, hospitals, and other providers when attending to the needs of the underserved in our community.

8. Project Access prevents any single physician, physician group, hospital or other provider from being asked to provide more than a fair share of charity care.

9. Project Access creates an infrastructure which allows for our entire community, business, city and county governments, media, educational institutions, each to support the provision of charity healthcare services.

10. It's the right thing to do! 

To volunteer to be a Project Access physician, call 423-826-0269 or email rae@chattmd.org


Click here for a Project Access Referral Form.